30 years of success

``What sets apart great players from good players is consistency. Same goes for agents.``

How It All Began

One day back in 1989, as Nick Lotsos was reading the Street & Smith Review, he came across an article that was saying what happens to college players who don’t make the NBA and how they go overseas to pursue a career. And that’s when it hit him. “I found what I want to do! I found how we are going to make a living!” He shouted to his wife Melina who was preparing dinner in their small apartment in Boston.

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Why you should join our family!

Family Oriented

We are a tight-knit company, allowing our players to feel part of our family. Unlike other big agencies, there is no competitiveness among our agents, as they have strong bonds and their common goals is to do the best for the player.


Our integrity, together with our years of experience in the business, has allowed us to build strong relationships with all NBA teams. Our company was launched over 25 years ago and we have remained our excellent reputation all these years.

Maximum Attention

Our “boutique” clientele style allows our players to receive maximum attention. We value quality over quantity. Even though other major companies have a larger number of clients, we negotiate contracts worth more than those negotiated by them.

Player Development

During the offseason, we give a lot of emphasis on the development of our young players. We arrange training sessions with experienced coaches in some of the best training facilities around the world; providing accommodation and meal plans.

NBA Experience

We are certified by the NBA Players Association and FIBA, therefore players can directly deal with us instead of having to deal with different agencies in different markets. We are one of the very few agencies that have presence in both Europe and the USA.


Our marketing branch handles digital media content, web development, and marketing for our clients. Through this department, our players can set up their own websites, social media pages, and any content needed for their online presence.

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