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Nick Lotsos


Nick founded LSM 30 years ago after losing his basketball career to an injury. In the last 3 decades, Nick has negotiated some of the biggest contracts in Europe and consistently represented Euroleague legends and NBA players throughout his career. Nick managed to maintain the most respectable reputation due to his ethics and values while remaining at the highest level of the industry.


Tim Lotsos


Having been raised in the basketball agency world, becoming an agent came natural to Tim who followed his father's footsteps at a very early age. Tim graduated from Athens University and went on to earn his Master's in Sports Management from Georgetown University in DC. Tim is now based between Europe and America and focuses on new recruits, young talent, and client services.

Back in 1989

after his career as a professional basketball player had ended early because of a devastating achilles tendon injury,

Nick Lotsos was trying to figure out how he could still work in basketball, as this was his main passion. From a very young age, Nick had a deep knowledge in college and European basketball mainly due to his experience as a college basketball player and his International background.

One day, as he was reading the Street & Smith Review, he came across an article that was saying what happens to college players who don’t make the NBA and how they go overseas to pursue a career. And that’s when it hit him. “I found what I want to do! I found how we are going to make a living!” He shouted to his wife Melina who was preparing dinner in their small apartment in Boston. “I am going to help players who don’t make the NBA, to play professionally in Europe!” Nick said. “You ‘re crazy, go get a real job.” Melina replied. “Trust me honey, it’s going to work!” And that’s how everything started.

After he moved back to Greece with his wife and his son, Nick went on to represent some of the best American and International players in Europe, Asia, and the NBA.